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The Designer Paint Company

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347-349 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

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Business Overview

specailists in eco and non toxic paints . these paints are certified non toxic and not just low voc.

non toxic paints and coatings.

eco paints and coatings.

painter in store all the time to answer questions and give advice.

great retail area for quality tools, not cheap crap from china

great showroom area for ideas

2 Customer Reviews

wonderful shop, great service, martin the owner was so helpful and explained the different sorts of paints he had. they were great paints and went so far. we were able to get any colour we wanted in all of the non toxic paints. we had no smells in the house. and it looks wonderful. we will soon be doing the feature wall which is also the specail paint in gold and black. thanks martin
I have found that the oikos paint range is by far the best paints ive ever used and the range of designer finishes absolutely astounding ive used the paint ottocento and everyone that comes to my home and sees it wants me to do it for them i looked everywhere for the best i could find in enviro paint oikos there is no better

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martin chambers , Surrey Hills Manager Melbourne
The Designer paint has now been trading over ten years, recently the president of the master painters victoria became an agent for these paints, he was so impressed, by the looks and the ease of application. other customers so delighted, if they have a problem and cannot be helped out over the phone the manager has in fact gone around to the home to help them sort out their problem, can you imagine bunnings doing that,,,, i dont think so


non toxic, quality, durability, eco paint, painters and decorators, asthetics, family health, safe, . faux finishes. stucco, non toxic paints.

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