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PaintStart (Demo)

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123 Example St, Sydney CBD NSW 2000

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Business Overview

At PaintStart we specialise in house painting and colour consulting services. If your home is missing a touch of character, let us help and give your home a new look.


3 Customer Reviews

Our home has literally been transformed by PaintStart. We are stunned at the fantastic results! Highly recommended!
Friendly and professional. My home has never looked better thanks to Stephen and his team. Highly recommended!!!
It was amazing dealing with PaintStart! They were friendly and answered all my concerns with professionalism and patience. I love the new colours Vincent had designed for me, excellent work!

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Our Team Profiles




House Painter / Colour Consultant


An experienced house painter and colour consultant, Vincent enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to those around him.






Founder and CEO of PaintStart, Stephen has been working in the industry over 25 years. Stephen found his love for home painting and decorating at an early age. After finishing an apprenticeship, Stephen continued his journey working for a number of painting services and as a contractor. After finishing his Masters in interior design, Stephen achieve his next goal in establishing PaintStart in 2000 and been operating under his leadership since.


How to tell when your Home needs a new paint job

Whether it's the intense summer during summer or frost during winter. Often we can loose sight of how important paint is to protect our home from the damage caused by nature. Here's how you tell when your house is asking for a new paint job.

How can a colour consultant help you?

Often we can feel lost from the variety of paint colours available on the market. We may see a friend's home with a gorgeous paint job in a range of shades. Yet when we try to mix and match colours, it just doesn't feel right.

What benefits is there for using Heat Reflective Paint?

Protecting your home from extreme heat with Heat Reflective Paint can come a long way in maintaining a comfortable and low maintenance home.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by PaintStart (Demo).

John , Bankstown
Thank you so much for the superb paint job! My house has never looked better!
Alice , Sutherland
The colours you've recommended really has improved my living space. I feel much more relaxed and comfortable at home now. Thank you.
Maple , Ryde
PaintStart were friendly and affordable. They're worth more than what you pay for. Highly recommended!
Harry , Ryde
Thank you for making my house look brand new. My home also feels cooler with that new heat reflective paint coat. Thanks!
June , Hornsby
It was a pleasure working with PaintStart. Thank you for showing such professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a colour consultant? Colour consultants know the best colour schemes suitable for certain environments. They will be able you offer you professional advice on how to hide flaws in your home with colours. Or how create the illusion of a bigger space with colours. At PaintStart, your first consultation with our expert colour consultants are free of charge. Are your paint eco-friendly? Yes, we have a wide range of eco-friendly paint available in a selection of colours. How often should I repaint my house? We recommend repainting your house about every 5 years. However the quality of the paint and climate can also be an influencing factor. Where are you based? We have been based in Sydney since PaintStart's establishment in 2000.


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Simple DIY colour guide

PDF document of common colour examples, suitable for most family houses.

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Tuesday 09:00am to 05:00pm
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Thursday By Appointment Only
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