Painting Ideas to brighten up your Home or Office

painting ideas

Paints have always been the deciding factor for determining the overall look of a room. Whether it is a commercial complex or residential, the paints on the walls bear the impression of the people working or residing inside, their likes and dislikes, preferences, mindsets, and working style. It has been found that a living room painted in bright colours appears more appealing and inviting – owing to the airy and breezy look. Warm colours exude coziness while soothing shades like lilac and sea blue are apt for relaxation and recreation.

Similarly, while designing workplace one needs to have a proper colour scheme in mind, as the walls of an office serve a greater purpose than for merely hanging diplomas, achievements and bulletin boards – a lot of thought goes into designing an office and choosing the right paint colours and painting technique, since often the walls determine the work culture. It is a fact that brightly painted walls, cubicles and furniture in a workplace contribute towards highly productivity and motivated employees, fewer accidents and better energy conservation.

Also, the selection of the right painting technique is essential, both for a residential or commercial painting projects. A room with all the walls painted in the same colour can get boring and dull. Different techniques like sponging, custom lettering, stenciling, texturing, following a colour scheme etc. can be included into a painting project in order to bring innovation and uniqueness. Following are some great painting ideas which could make the house and workplace more interesting and engaging for a long time:

Stripes: Stripes can add an interesting dimension and appeal to a room or an office, provided it is done in moderation and the colour palette is kept in consideration while selecting the paints. Though some consider it easy to attempt this on their own with the help of masking tapes, it is always advisable to take the help of professional painting services or experts for this technique, as it requires accuracy and calculation.

Stencils / Murals: Stenciling can be used to provide a distinctive character to the room. Though initially preferred for living rooms and dining halls in homes, many office rooms now sport murals and stencils on the walls in the form of design logos, impressions, borders etc. The murals are generally painted with the help of an overhead projector which hangs on the opposite wall, wherein an expert painter would trace the outline of the mural with pencil and chalk, and then proceed to paint the same.

Chalkboard Design: Fancy a chalkboard wall? Chalkboard walls can serve various purposes in a creative way – one can prepare grocery lists, mark a calendar or planner, write inspirational quotes, list important events, and also use the blocks as a memo for the workplace. All it needs is paints in charcoal gray and black, primer and a paint brush. If one is afraid of making a mess, they can simply employ a professional painter, and make your walls look interesting.

Sponge Painting: Like a dappled and mottled look on the walls? Sponging is an easy painting idea which can be applied to create a distinct impression, in both subtle and bright colours, depending on the desired effect and the colour palette of the room. Sponging is also a cost effective painting technique, as the only materials needed are sponge brushes, paints, primer and old rags. The only catch – consistency of design is needed to create a uniform look, which is often difficult to accomplish on one’s own without the help of a seasoned and professional crew of painters. Roller trays give more consistent results than sponge dabs – just be sure that you have other surfaces and the floor abundantly covered with old newspapers, so that the paint drops do not damage them. Whether it a monochromatic theme that you are eyeing, or contrasting colours, sponge painting can do wonders for the atmosphere of your home or office.

Faux Picture Frames: This painting technique works great especially for the painting projects with a shoestring budget, as all it takes is a few photographs or posters, masking tape, primer and paints. Include this painting idea in your next painting project, and earn laurels from the admirers.


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