How to paint a room - Tips for house painting

room painting

Not everybody gets a chance to choose their workplace décor or the aesthetics of their neighborhood surroundings, but everyone does get a chance to influence the home they live in, in accordance to their sensibilities and taste. Everything from the type of materials used in the building to the choice of interior and exterior home paints all personalized to one’s taste during house painting job. If one wonders how to paint a room or to achieve professional house painting, one can take the assistance of house painters who know the job well and can create a professional finishing touch to the house.

Steps in painting a room:

Step 1 – Preparation: A room needs sound preparation prior to painting. The first step is to clear the walls of any remnants of old paint, grease stains, cracks, chipped plaster and so on. If it’s a new job, the cemented portion needs to be leveled and smoothened as well. A good house painter knows what tools to use to achieve the optimal results and will do a thorough job while scraping the surface and smoothening it for the next step.

Step 2 – Base Coat of primer: The primer application is as important as the surface smoothening. Primer prevents the wall surfaces from growing old too soon, that is, it prevents chipping, improves adhesion and provides a canvas for the first coat of the paint. Applying two coats of primer is recommended for new work, a single coat would suffice if it is a re-painting or touch up job.

Step 3 – Re-smoothening: After applying primer, the surface may not be completely smooth hence another round of sanding is required to smoothen the surface in preparation to the first coat of painting. This time around process should be less intensive and will not involve hard scraping.

Step 4 – First coat painting: The first coat of painting is the most critical part as it will determine the quality of the colour, the texture of the paint and the lifespan of the paint job. This layer needs to be applied with tools like rollers or spray guns depending on the size of the wall to be painted. It is best to start with the ceiling and move downwards rather than the other way round.

Step 5 – Second and third coat: If the house painting job is new then the room may need a second and third coat of the paint, if it is a repainting or touch up job, two coats will suffice.

Step 6 – Finishing: The use of sanders, scrappers, brushes, rollers, tapes etc could leace stains on the wall, therefore the finishing job involves cleaning these stains and touching up the surface appropriately and then leave the walls to dry sufficiently.

The choice of paint and paint colours:

House painting is meaningless if appropriate colour combinations are not paid heed to; hence it is important to maintain a balance between paint colours used in the ceiling and the walls. One should choose colours based on the purpose of the room to be painted. Living rooms can pull off bright and experimental colours, it is a good idea to retain pastel shades for the bedroom, kids’ rooms can be livened up with patterns and textured walls.  While the kitchens and dining halls are better off with earthy colours. A maximum of two colours in a room (with the exception of the ceiling) is recommended to avoid a cluttered look. House painters understand the need for harmony in colours and will give due recommendations on how to paint a room.

Various options such as metallic paints, textured paints, special effect paints, emulsions and so on are available. It is better to choose a premium range of paint if the house painting job is new. The cost of paint depends on what kind of paint and what effects are chosen. There are various colour matching services available and computerized colour mixing devices which can give house painters any colour they may want.

House painting is a task that requires patience, sound painting knowledge and a passion for colours. If these three come together, the result is a beautifully painted room that spells warmth and homeliness.


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