Colour Consultancy Services

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If you're thinking of building or renovating a new home or commercial space, you would have thought about the possible colour schemes that you will use. But with so many choices available, and so many factors that need to be to be taken into account before you decide, choosing the perfect colour palette can be a little overwhelming.

That's where a colour consultant comes in. Colour consultants are experts in colour choice and know the best colour schemes as well as what colours are best to use in particular environments.

Colour schemes

If you're not sure about what colours are the latest trends and work best together, you can hire colour consultancy services to answer your questions. Colour consultancy services know the most fashionable colours available and what colour combinations look fantastic, making them the perfect service to get up-to-date information about what colours you can use to make your home or office look stunning.

Colour and mood

Colour consultancy services will be able to advise you on the effects that colours produce. If you want your rooms to exude a certain feeling - such as calm or invigoration - a colour consultant will be able to inform you about what colours will produce your desired effect.

Here are a number of colours and the mood they create.

Blue: Blue is a popular colour because it causes the body to produce calming chemicals this has a peaceful effect. It is often used bedrooms because they are a place of rest. People are said to be more productive in blue rooms so it is a good choice to paint an office space.

Green: Green symbolises nature. It is a colour that is used frequently because it is the easiest colour on the eye and is refreshing and calming. This is why people who are waiting to appear on TV or stage sit in 'green rooms' to relax.

Yellow: Yellow is attention grabbing and has cheerful connotations, however it is the most difficult colour for our eyes to take in, and people have been said to lose their temper often in yellow rooms.

Purple: Purple is associated with luxury and opulence. But because purple is not often found in nature it can feel artificial.

Brown: Brown is a desired colour to use because it is commonly found in nature. In lighter shades it is a very soft colour and is pleasing for the eye.

White: White symbolises innocence. Because white reflects light it has very bright connotations. It is very popular in decorating because it is natural and goes with anything. Although, white shows dirt and stains and is not as practical as darker colours can be.

Colour repair

If you have any flaws in your home or office space you can use colour to help disguise them. Colours have the ability to trick the eye into augmenting the appearance of spaces and objects and colour consultants have been trained to know what colours have this ability to accentuate or disguise aspects.

A colour consultant will be able to advise you on what colours will help darken or lighten a room, give the appearance that a room is larger or smaller, warmer or cooler than what it is.

If your rooms are south facing they won't receive much light so warm colours are best suited to these rooms. In contrast, a west-facing room receives lots of afternoon sunshine, making them hot in summer. Therefore, cool colours such as greens and blue help to take the hot edge out of rooms.

Rooms that are north and east facing are the most ideal rooms in a building as they receive lots of natural light. This not only creates a bright effect but enables you to focus accentuating or downplaying on other parts of your rooms.

Downplay features

For small rooms, white and yellow can help make a space look bigger than it is. You can minimise the size of a room in the event that it appears too isolating by using darker shades.

If you would like to even up a long, narrow room you can paint the shorter walls a darker shade. If you would like to add some personality to your house, take advantage of your hallway to use bold colours. When you are walking down a hallway your eyes can only briefly glimpse at colours, ensuring they are not too overwhelming for your eye.

You may like to warm up sterile-looking rooms by giving your rooms satin or low-lustre finishes that tend to produce a cosy effect. If you have a featureless room, give it character by painting one wall a bright colour. You can base your colour choice on a piece of furniture or the curtains.

Accentuating features

Use wall paint to show off a fantastic feature in your room. A feature you may like to show off might be a fireplace, extravagant piece of furniture or a wall painting. Determine its key colour and use it as the colour to paint your walls.


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