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Master Painters Australia

Master Painters Australia Federal Association, the Union of Employers and peak industry body for the Painting and Decorative Industry, is for owners of painting businesses. The association provides services to its members and represents the industry to each level of government in Australia.

The two key objectives of Master Painters Australia is to assist the interest of its members such as co-ordinating and negotiating a wide variety of business, educational and information services, and to ensure that the professional standards of the industry are met.

Master Painters Australia but has no regulatory powers. It can offer advice and recommend a course of action but has no power to force anyone to follow directions.

Master Painters' Association by State

Here is a list of Master Painters' Associations from each of Australia's states and territories.

Established circa 1895, the state Master Painters Associations are non-profit employer associations managed by a group of elected directors. Each state association was developed for painters who want to be recognised as masters of their trade. They also aid consumers who wish to employ a professional painter.

The industry association represents painting and decorating contractors and employers across Australia. The Association seeks to advance, encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice.

Since its foundation over 100 years ago, Master Painters Australia has operated as an independent representative for firms and individuals conducting business in the painting, decorating and sign writing trades.

  • Master Painters' Association of NSW
  • Master Painters' Association of Victoria
  • Master Painters' Association of Victoria/Tasmania
  • Master Painters' Association of WA
  • Master Painters' Association of South Australia
  • Master Painters' Association of Queensland
  • Master Painters' Association of the ACT

The Painters' Registration Board

The Painters' Registration Board operates to ensure competence in thepainting industry by requiring the registration of all persons who carry out painting work valued over $200 in parts of Western Australia.

The Painters' Registration Board:

  • provide for the registration of painters in theBoard's area ofjurisdiction
  • maintain a Register of Painters
  • prescribe the course of training and examinations for painters
  • ensure adequate supervision of painting
  • receive complaints against painters in relation to work that is not carried out in
  • a proper and workmanlike manner, and take action pursuant to the Painters' Registration Act 1961
  • provide the means with which to prosecute persons who do not comply with the requirements of the Painters' Registration Act 1961, or any lawful direction of the Board
  • receive fees and penalties from painters and use these funds to cover the costs associated with carrying out the Board's functions

The Boards strategic objectives are to ensure that the:

  • Painters' Registration Act 1961 is administered in a consistent, reasoned and lawful manner
  • Act is administered in a financially responsible manner, and
  • Boards investigations and prosecutions for offences against the Act are conducted in an efficient andconsistent manner

Dulux Accredited Painters

Dulux Accredited Painters are recognised by Dulux as Australian painting industry leaders. The Australian organisation is committed to quality workmanship, upholding a professional approach and providing quality customer service.

Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP)

Founded in 1992 the PCCP began as a joint initiative between the Commonwealth (as a major owner of assets and infrastructure) and industry. It was formed to accredit painting contractors who could demonstrate compliance with a range of performance standards such as quality systems, satisfied customers, and skilled and experienced personnel.

Adherence to these standards is ensured through a process of regular audits by personnel with appropriate skills, experience and knowledge of the industry. Organisations that want to make use of PCCP services apply to become Members and pay an annual subscription for the rights and privilege of PCCP Membership.


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